The Purpose

The purpose of this blog will be to document my adventures in the gastronomic world of my kitchen, my grill or my smoker.  I consider myself an adequate cook.  I love the kitchen.  I am at peace in the kitchen.  Being in the kitchen limits the need to interact with people and that makes me happy.  No idle chit chat over cocktails and appetizers for me.  I am much happier sweating my ass off in the kitchen.

I think the reaction to truly great food is similar to one’s reaction to great sex.  Now I am talking about really great food.  Not just a good steak or some wonderful pasta.  Nope, I am talking about truly transcendant food.  Food that causes you to pause.

Food that floods your senses of taste, vision and smell with grandeur.

Food that makes your head swim trying to process the flood of experience your senses are trying to process.

Food that makes you hungry for more.

Food that warms you to your soul.

Food that causes you to make audible sounds of joy.

Food that has you savoring each bite, each morsel, each drop

Food nourishes

So join me and let’s have some food.

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